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Services: Study Space

Printing, copying, and scanning at the law library

No Reservations

The Library does not reserve or assign study carrels, tables, or study rooms. 

 Library users are expected to keep belongings with them at all times.

Study Area Locations

 Level 0- Library Basement

               Room 010- 6 chairs, table, white board

               Open Study Areas- 6 chairs, conference table, 2 club chairs & table

                                                    6 chairs, conference table


Level 1- Library Main Reading Room, Check-out/Information Desk, Library Offices

  • Study tables w/ chairs are located throughout the reading room.

                Carrels- 4 carrels w/ public computers

                Rare Book Room, 104- 9 chairs, conference table

                Attorney's Room, 107- 2 chairs, table

                Microform Room, 114- 8 chairs, conference table, monitor          

                Open Study Area- 8 club chairs w/ small tables                  


Level 2- Library Offices, IT

                Room 215- 8 chairs, table, white board, presentation monitor

                Room 216- 4 chairs, table, white board

                Carrels- 6 carrels w/ computers

                Open Study Areas- 2 tables, 4 chairs

                Computer Lab


 Level 3- Writing Center, Moot Court

                Carrels- 4 carrels w/ computers, 13 two-sided carrells

                Study area- 3 tables, 9 chairs


Level 4-Gordon Ball Scenic Reading Room, Law Review

  • Study tables w/ chairs are located throughout the reading room.

         North side of level 4:

                Computer Lab

                Room 437- 3 chairs, table

                Room 439- 2 club chairs, table

                Carrels- 4 carrels w/ seating for two, 3 computers

                Open Study Areas-

                                        4 club chairs, table, white board

                                        4 club chairs, table, white board

                                        8 chairs, conference table, white board