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Services: WiFi

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Connection Instructions

Connection Problems?

  1. Disconnect your device from the network
  2. Choose the option Forget Network to update password
  3. Repeat #1 and #2 If you have intermitting issues:
    • Account Locked Out message at logon
    • Rejected connection to the u-m network
    • Disconnection

Internet Access

How to forget a network on your device

When your password changes, you'll need to forget your um network connection and reconnect with the new password.  Here's how:


How to forget a wi-fi network on your iPhone and iPad

While in range of the wi-fi network you want to forget, you can do so right on your iPhone.
  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Tap Wi-Fi.
  3. Tap the info button next to the wi-fi network you want to forget. It looks like a lower-case I.
  4. Tap Forget This Network.
  5. Tap Forget when prompted to confirm you want to forget the network.



How to forget a network on Android

1.  Open your Android's Settings app. The Settings icon looks like a gray gear or wrench icon on most Android devices
2.  Find the Wireless & Networks heading. This section will be at the top of your Settings menu.
  • Depending on your device model and current software, you might have to tap a Connections tab at the top of your screen.
3.  Tap Wi-Fi under Wireless & Networks.
4.  Slide the Wi-Fi switch to On position. It's located in the upper-right corner of your screen. You will now see a list of all available Wi-Fi networks around you.
5.  Tap and hold on the network you want to forget. It will open a pop-up window with network options.
  • Depending on your device and software, you might need to tap on the network instead of tapping and holding.
6.  Tap Forget network or Forget in the pop-up. Your device will disconnect from this network and stop connecting to it automatically.
  • If you want to connect to the same Wi-Fi network again in the future, you might have to enter a security password.