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Academic Success: Basics

This guide covers some of the technologies and resources covered in the 1L Academic Success course

Welcome to Academic Success

This guide will cover many of the topics from the school's mandatory 1L Academic Success course.  As many of the topics covered relate to technology, some information will become out of date over time. Please be aware that products may be discontinued, prices may change and services offered by these technologies may be altered at any time.

Class and Exam Preparation

Law School Resources

The legal research platforms that we use, such as Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and Westlaw Edge each provide academic study resources integrated into their databases. The content varies, and it changes as services are added or removed, so it's a good idea to log into each one and see what they make available in their respective student resource centers. [Access to these resources is limited to members of the law school community.]

Cloud Storage

As you work on your outlines, it is important to save frequently. But you should also consider backing your work up remotely in case of emergencies. Cloud storage is free and accessible, and saving your work to the cloud should be a part of your study habits.


Many of the study guides law students use are available electronically. E-books have the advantages of being highly portable, requiring no storage space, and costing less than new copies. You can annotate e-books, take them with you on your mobile devices, They also require no shipping time and so can be a very good way of acquiring books that you can't get ahold of in print.

Fun and Games

Study Environment

When setting up a good study area remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Have a well lit area. Natural light is best for studying for long periods, so you may want to use a light bulb that approximates natural light 
  • An uncluttered are can be conducive to good studying. Make sure to keep your study area clean. This is especially important if you study in a public place like the library.
  • Scents may aid in information retention or focus. Find one that works for you.
  • Minimize distractions with a white noise machine. These can be purchased relatively inexpensively, or you can get a white noise app for your smartphone. You can program them to provide white, pink or brown noise, or to mimic sounds like wind, rain, etc.