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Academic Success: Time Management

This guide covers some of the technologies and resources covered in the 1L Academic Success course

Time Trackers

Time tracking software will help you identify wasted time throughout the day. By identifying how much time you're spending non-productively, and where you can begin to make your studying more efficient

  • Toggl: This is a time tracking browser extension with mobile and desktop apps as well. It will track how you are spending your time online. This is a good way to track how much time you spend on researching issues, but can also be a way of identifying time sinks. While it might identify where your time is going, it does nothing to keep you on track. The browser extension is available for Chrome and Firefox.
  • TMetric and Clockify, are available for both Firefox and Chrome.
  • Mind the Time is a similar option for Firefox.
  • Chrome has many others like Harvest, Hubstaff, Webtime, etc. Just search the Chrome web store and you’ll find options.
  • The Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari extension options for these types of extension are basically nonexistent. TMetric does exist for Microsoft Edge.

Website Blockers

Once you have identified those website where you waste time, you can use the following options to keep yourself from going there.

  • Timewarp: Another Chrome exclusive browser extension, this one helps prevent you from going to the sites where you waste the most time. It allows you to set up block lists and redirects you from those sites. You can turn it off if you do need to go to a blocked site.
  • StayFocusd: This extension allows you to block websites for limited amounts of time. It’s a better option if you need access to something, but without allowing it to take over your entire day.
  • Productivity Owl: This extension allows you to visit sites, but only for a predetermined amount of time. After that time expires, it closes the tab for you. Certain sites can be whitelisted to allow unlimited access.
  • Block Site, Site Blocker, and Whitelist Manager: These are simple block lists which deny access to sites.
  • LeechBlock NG, and Block Site are similar options for Firefox.
  • Once again, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari extension options for these types of extension are basically nonexistent.
  • Forest and Feed the Goat are gamified blockers, “rewarding” you with a healthy tree or goat so long as you avoid your blacklisted sites. Visiting a blacklisted site kills your tree or goat. And yes, you can unlock new trees species or buy more goats. Fun?