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Services: Copying

Printing, copying, and scanning at the law library


Copiers are located:

  • first floor of the library near the windows, overlooking the River
  • third floor of the library on the southwest side in the copy room

Using the Copy Machines

I. To Make Copies – 

   1. Cost - $0.10 a copy   

   2. Requires:  

        i.) U of M ID, or 

       ii.)  Copy Card   


II. Copy Card Purchasing Info

    1. Card Dispenser located Level - 1 between copy machines 

    2. Cost- $2  [$1 for the card + $1 additional minimum for copies]

    3. Add funds in increments of $1  

    4. Copy dispenser - Does Not Give Change - only accepts bills

    5. Bills larger than $1 balance automatically added to card