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Services: Scanning

Printing, copying, and scanning at the law library


Scanners are located on the first floor of the library near the windows overlooking the River.


To scan a multiple pages, choose the copy machine with the feeder.  Divide the document into 15 page portions if you have more than 15 pages to scan.

1.  Place the staple free pages of the document face-up on the feeder.

2.  Swipe your ID or copy card to activate the copier/scanner. 

3.  Press the Scanner button on far left side of copier.

4.  Select the Manual Entry tab, located to the left, midway on the screen.


5.  Enter the email of the recipient.

6.  On the bottom right side of the screen select Sender Name.  Select Generic.

·        Generally it is best to choose Generic. If you choose Manual Entry the keyboard displays and you will need to enter the complete address of the person sending the email- generally yourself.

7.  Press the green Start button, just to the right of the screen.

8.  After the last page of your document has scanned push the button.